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New Employee Perspective: Kaylin Cameron

Starting a new job is never easy. It starts with the strenuous search process, followed by applying, interviewing, then hoping for good news. No one knows the stress of the hiring process better than a recruiter —especially a recruiter who just experienced a job search herself.

Walser Sr. Recruiting Specialist Kaylin Cameron joined the group just last month. But, with five and a half years of recruitment experience under her belt, Kaylin knows what to look for throughout the hiring process and beyond.

When Kaylin’s previous employer announced an outstate corporate relocation, the pressure to find a new career in Minnesota grew quickly. As a mother to a toddler, there were many factors for Kaylin to consider when accepting a new position, with pay and benefits at just the beginning.

Kaylin said one intriguing fact about her new role was its senior status. She said she felt ready to push herself. It turns out, Kaylin chose the perfect environment to strive for greater success.

Company culture here is A1for sure, hands down. Folks on all levels have come down to greet me. They all want you to feel comfortable; they want you to know that your success here really matters,” Kaylin said.

But it’s not just in the workplace where we push one another to succeed, it’s in the outside world as well.

“So many people saw that I was continuing my college education with the resources that Walser provides and talked to me about it, and even just that is amazing; I love that. They really do practice what they preach, and it’s only been a short period of time, but it speaks volumes.”

Even after this short period of time, Kaylin is more than content in her new role at Walser. She’s excited to use her personal application experience to better the process for incoming candidates, and she truly appreciates the energy, work, and culture at Walser.

“I used to take naps all the time after work, or not even a nap, but just sit in my car because my mind was fried up,” said Kaylin. “Now, I wake up excited.”

Kaylin said one of the many reasons she’s excited to go to work is because of the value Walser places on its employees and their loved ones. Family is a top-ranking core value among Walser’s employees.  Kaylin said she’s experienced employers who promise top-notch employee experience, only to see that fall short. 

“The moment that you show you’re curious or interested in something, they’re going to lay it on you in a way that puts you on a better path to do what you want to do and do what you love,” said Kaylin.

After some initial uncertainty about pushing for growth in her career journey, Kaylin now feels confident that Walser is the right place for her.

Kaylin has some advice for future applicants, too.

“Take that leap of faith. If it sounds too good to be true, take that out of your mind right now. Give it time, have patience, and utilize all the resources that are given to you.”

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